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Water Safety

Planning a trip out on the water is one of the most joyous things a family can do together. And with all the fun, it is important to think ahead about water safety. Your whole family should be involved in learning how to navigate the local waters in a safe and responsible manner. The smallest emergency can be a major issue while out at sea. Simply put, you cannot be prepared enough. Make learning about water safety a regular routine and stay safe.

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Discover Water Safety
US Coast Guard
Please find some emergency contacts to add to your phone (if you take it). You could even print them and laminate the list for deep storage on the boat. We have also listed some the standard safety equipment you must have onboard. The most complete and current listing can be found by visiting the US Coast Guard. You will want to match up the federal regulations with your boat size.
Dive Emergency
Call Bay Medical Center (850) 747-6000 and ask for the Hyperbaric physician. They are on a 24 hour stand-by for emergencies during non-working hours, nights, weekends and holidays. The Hyperbaric Department stands ready to provide emergency telephone consultation without charge for diving or hyperbaric disorders on a 24 hour basis.
Emergency Phone Listing
When requesting assistance from USCG or FMP please have the following information ready. You could even make and print a premade template for easy use.

U.S. Coast Guard: (850) 234-2475 (850)234-4228

Florida Game and Fresh Water: 1-800-342-1676

Florida Marine: (850) 233-5150 or from a cellular: *FMP

1. Vessel name.
2. Vessel location
3. Nature of problem
4. Any injuries/medical problems.
5. Length and brief description of vessel
6. Owners name and address.

Gulf Marine, Inc. (850) 215-7500

Parts & Service

Maintenance, Repairs & Upgrades

Gulf Marine can handle all of your marine service requests in a fast and professional manner. Our factory authorized service center can take care of all your warranty, maintenance, repair and upgrades!

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